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On Tuesday, May 14, 2019, BeLight Software released Amadine, an alternative vector design app that is easy to use and learn. The app has everything a graphic designer needs wrapped in an uncluttered and intuitive interface, every feature and tool is clear and easily accessible.

Key features:

Diverse vector art

The high-end Pen tool encapsulates the expertise of precision-driven curves creation. Implemented for simplicity of use, the Draw tool has everything to create graphics that resembles a hand-drawn image. All the paths and shapes can have multiple stroke and fill.

Variable strokes

The Width tool allows a user to create and save unique strokes to give your drawing an artistic touch.

Distinct effects

Inner Glow, Outer Glow, Shadow and Blur effects to make illustrations perfectly stylized

Wacom Support

Wacom tablet support and Pressure Sensitive Strokes allow a user to enhance their graphic drawing process

Lettering and Typography

Inspiration-driven text tools are bound to produce effective results when a user needs a heading or a frame for text.

Alex Bailo, Amadine’s Project Manager, says: “Together with speed and stability improvements, the app has become refined and ready to satisfy any user’s needs. However, we are not going to stop and will keep working on making the app the most convenient vector graphic design tool”.

Amadine is available on website and on the Mac App Store for $19.99.

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About BeLight Software

BeLight Software is one of the oldest software developers in Ukraine with more than 15 years of experience in developing niche products for Mac in different creative fields.

Over a decade ago, four young friends, two developers and two marketers, decided that they want to make Mac users’ lives easier with intuitive apps. Today, we are a team of 30 people turning daunting tasks into feasible ones for our users. We cover home design, graphic design, desktop publishing and productivity.

Some of our world-known Mac apps are Swift Publisher, easy to use and affordable desktop publishing software, Art Text, graphic design software for lettering and typography, Get Backup Pro for managing backup tasks.

One of our most popular apps, Live Home 3D, has become cross-platform and is currently available for macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Windows 10 platforms.

We’re not going to stop, so stay tuned!

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