2D Graphic Design Software for Mac

Amadine is a professional vector graphics tool with a really smooth learning curve, allowing you to create 2D images in no time. It is aimed at drafting processes on a Mac with polished results and high performance. The Mac version provides you with a free trial.

2D Drafting Software for Mac

2D graphics is the most ubiquitous type of artistic expression, starting from cave paintings and evolving into the high-end solutions of the 21st century. Amadine has all the tools and features necessary for creation of 2D pictures and illustrations of all types. Every feature and tool adds to the brilliance of your designer solutions.

Mac Book on the table with  Amadine illustration on it
Pen Tool icon

Pen Tool

Pen tool is the most universal instrument for drawing shapes with freeform curves.

Draw tool icon

Draw Tool

This freehand drawing tool lets you draw paths and shapes to make 2D graphics look as if they were drawn by hand.

Path Width Tool icon

Path Width Tool

This tool can be helpful when drawing strokes of variable widths.

Shapes and Gradients icon

Shapes and Gradients

Create saturated 2D illustrations by filling shapes with gradients.

Wacom tablet icon

Wacom Support

Designers will be pleased by the smooth work on Wacom tablets with stroke responding to pressure.

Styles and effects icon

Styles and Effects

Appearance panel serves to fill shapes with a color or gradient, and apply strokes. Moreover, you can copy style of your work and apply it to any other piece of illustration.

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Amadine is what I needed to be 100% happy! Now I have a tool for making vector drawings that is intuitive and so easy to use. I’m an amateur designer just beginning to learn the craft and for me, it’s hard to draw beautiful stuff by hand.