Graphic Software for Infographics

White-collar work has become a lot more interesting with infographics taking their place among the everyday tools of market research, product development and visualization of data. From the easiest schematics to state-of-the-art designer solutions, infographics ease the pain of explaining and spreading information in a fun and engaging way.

Let’s dive into the world of good graphics and complicated things explained in an entertaining way with Amadine for Mac, which will make your infographics shine as a jewel in the sea of information.

Amadine interface with Marvel Infographic

Create Infographics on Your Mac with Amadine

While being very easy to use and practical, Amadine will help solve any designing task that the infographics creator may face. Do you need to represent numerous information in a clear and straightforward way? Amadine allows you to manually create pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs and achieve the precise outcome that you need.

Pen Tool visual representation

Infographic Basics

Pen Tool is used for the vast majority of plain 2D graphics, which is the basis for your clear infographics, allowing you to create an icon flat-style to result in a professional slick look for your infographics.

Sector Tool visual representation

Pie Charts

Never miss out on an opportunity to show off the important numbers of your company in a pie chart. The Elliptic Arc Tool has a sub-tool called the Sector Tool, which is located in the upper Toolbar. Sector Tool is a good choice for pie charts and percentage values.

Rectangle Tool visual representation

Bar Graphs

To create a bar graph for displaying the difference among several significatives, use the Rectangle tool.

Polygon Tool visual representation

Custom Charts

Want something with a personalized vibe? Try creating a beautiful hexagonal chart with the Polygon tool. You can select the number of sides that you need since it is a smart object and will retain the chosen number.

Have a look at the feedback from our users who are pleased with Amadine’s performance:

V. Silly
I tried many different vector applications after a computer upgrade incapacitated my old version of Adobe Illustrator. Other applications I tried were so different and so non-intuitive that I couldn't even draw the most simple shapes. With Amadine I was able to jump right in and do what I needed to do. Still learning but able to execute my work as needed.