Amadine for iOS / iPadOS Release Notes

The users of iOS version update it in the Store.

What's new in Amadine v1.0.3

  • It is now possible to share exported graphics to various destinations, including Photos and other supported apps.
  • A bug with exporting sheets has been fixed.
  • System panel is now used to display the list of fonts.
  • An option to export to a multi-page PDF has been added.
  • The Duplicate command now inserts the copy directly over the original shape, without an offset.
  • Fixed some crashes reported by our users.

What's new in Amadine v1.0.2

  • Importing images from iCloud Drive now works properly.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when entering text using the floating keyboard on iPad.
  • Fixed a problem where two single taps could be incorrectly interpreted as a double tap.
  • Gesture highlighting has been improved.
  • Minor interface corrections.

What's new in Amadine v1.0.1

  • Tooltips added: Long-press an item in the Tools panel or Control bar to see its name.
  • Controls in Inspector now update correctly after Undo.
  • Snapping now considers anchor points as well.
  • Fixed a problem where the Color Picker fails to re-draw properly after zooming.
  • Minor interface and usability improvements.