Color, Gradient and Image Fill

Selecting Colors

There are several ways to select a color for Stroke, Fill or some other effect.

Using the Color Panel

The Color section of the Color panel

Select a Color Directly

The most universal way to select a color is to set it from scratch. First, select a color model, such as RGB or CMYK. If you already know the numeric values for color components, for instance, red, green and blue, set them using the sliders or text fields.

If necessary, adjust the opacity.

Using Swatches

If a color or gradient that you need is present in the library of swatches, tap on the corresponding swatch.

Using the Eyedropper Tool

You can copy a color from almost any spot visible on the screen. To do this, tap on the eyedropper icon in the Color panel. The app will show a magnification glass. You should drag it in order to place its center over the color you want to choose.

Copying Object's Style

You can copy the style of another object.

Note that a style is not only a single color. By copying a style, you can copy a combination of the stroke and fill colors, and also effects like shadow depending on what has been applied to the source object.

To copy an object's style:

  1. Select the source object.
  2. Choose Copy Style from the main menu of the Appearance panel.
  3. Select the destination object.
  4. Choose Paste Style in the menu of the Appearance panel.

You can also copy a style with the help of the Eyedropper tool:

  1. Select the destination object.
  2. Activate the Eyedropper tool Icon of the Eyedropper tool. located in the Tools panel.
  3. Tap on the source object.

Modifier Keys and Shortcut Summary

With an external keyboard, you can use the following shortcut and modifier keys.


Eyedropper tool modifier keys: