The Library

Exporting and Importing Libraries

You can export and import the contents of the user's libraries. This feature lets you create a set of objects (e.g., components for a design) on one device and then use these objects on another device to finalize the design. Exporting is also a convenient way to share your object with other people.

Another use of exporting and importing is the possibility to create a backup copy of your libraries outside the app.


When you export one or all libraries, the app creates an *.amdl file. To import, you need to provide a file in the same format. This format is supported on all platforms where you can run the Amadine app.

To export one particular library, choose it in the Libraries panel. Then select Export in the menu of the panel.

In order to export all of the user's libraries, use the Export All command in the menu of the panel.


To import libraries from a file, use the Import command in the menu of the Libraries panel.

Libraries that you import should appear as separate items in the drop-down list of libraries in the panel. If you import a library with the same name as one already present in the panel, both of them will be listed. The program doesn't merge or delete libraries automatically.