Working with Documents

Saving Documents

The program saves documents in its own format. Document files have either "amdc" or "amdn" file name extension. Both formats are used on all platforms that are supported by the app. To search for your documents, type "amdc" or "amdn" in the search box of Spotlight.

To save the current document, select File > Save… or File > Save As… menu command. The latter appears in the menu when you hold down the Option key. By default, the app saves documents in the "amdc" format. It better suits for storing files on third party cloud storages. Documents in this format are compressed to decrease the file size. If your document was saved in one format but you need a different one, use the File > Save As… menu command and choose a new format.

To find out the location of the current document on disk, click on the document's name in the title bar of the main window.

The operating system automatically saves versions of modified documents. Due to this feature, you don't need to save documents frequently during your work. Since the auto save feature has limitations, it is recommended that you periodically save your document manually. To find and restore any of the saved versions, select File > Revert To > Browse All Versions…