The Library

The Libraries Panel

The Libraries panel has two main purposes. It gives you access to a collection of vector images that you can add to your documents. The panel also lets you store your own objects so that they can be reused later.

To bring up the panel, select Window > Libraries in the main menu. Note that you can detach the panel from the document window by selecting Window > Detach Panels.

The Libraries panel with standard collection of objects.

1 - Choose a library.

2 - Object's preview.

3 - Open the menu.

To add a library object to your design, drag the object onto the canvas. Another way is to click on the object's preview in the library.

Working with Libraries

By clicking on the gear icon, you can open a menu that lets you manage user's libraries. The commands in the menu won't let you make any changes in the standard libraries.

In order to create a new library, select New in the menu and type in a name. If you wish to change the name, use the Rename command.

To delete a library that is currently displayed in the panel, choose the Delete command from the menu. Note that the library will be removed together with all objects inside it.

Working with Objects

To add an object to a user's library, you need to create or open a library that should store the object. Select the object and click the plus button in the Libraries panel.

The plus button in the Libraries panel is used for adding objects.

In order to remove an object from the user's library, bring up the context menu of the object by right-clicking on it and choose Delete Object.

To reorder objects, drag one of them and drop at a new position in the library.

It is possible to export a user's library to a file that can be imported later on the same or different device.