Workspace and Program Interface

The Control Panel

The Control panel, located right below the main menu, shows the name of the currently activated tool, and its additional setting (if it has those). The settings are described together with tools in the dedicated sections.

Control panel

The right side of the panel is occupied by controls that are present permanently whichever tool is activated.

The rightmost group of controls lets you zoom in or out. You can type in the required scale, select it from a drop-down menu, or simply click the minus or plus buttons.

The button with an eye icon opens the drop-down menu that helps you set up the work area and current document.

Drop-down menu of the Control panel

Outline Preview: Toggles the way objects are displayed on the canvas. You can either show objects normally or as wireframe (with no stroke, fill, and so on). For more details, read the Preview Modes section.

Pixel Preview: Displays the artwork as raster graphics.

Grid: Turns the grid on and off.

Snap to Grid: Allows the program snap objects to the grid when you move them.

Rulers: Shows or hides the rulers.

Document Setup: Opens the Document Setup dialog.