Workspace and Program Interface

The Tools Panel

Tools in the Tools panel are used to select, create and manipulate objects. Some tools have additional options that can be displayed in the Control panel.

Tools in the panel can be arranged in one or two columns. Clicking on a small triangle in the top left corner of the panel switches from one mode to another. You can customize the workspace so that all panels, including the Tools panel, are attached to the main window. In this mode, the panel can arrange tools in one or two columns automatically depending on the main window size.

To activate a tool, click on its icon in the panel.

Tools panel

Move tool icon - Move Tool: selects, moves and resizes objects

Selection tool icon - Selection Tool: selects and manipulates path elements

Lasso tool icon - Lasso Tool: selects entire objects, anchor points or path segments by outlining them

Pen tool icon - Pen Tool: creates paths with curves or straight lines

Draw tool icon - Draw Tool: draws freehand lines

Path width tool icon - Path Width Tool: creates strokes with variable widths

Gradient tool icon - Gradient Tool: adds and adjusts gradients

Text tool icon - Text Tool: adds text boxes and activates the text editing mode

Knife tool icon - Knife Tool: cuts paths or objects

Scissors tool icon - Scissors Tool: cuts paths at selected anchor points

Eraser tool icon - Eraser Tool: erases portions of paths of objects

Fusion tool icon - Fusion Tool: removes segments and merges shapes

Eyedropper tool icon - Eyedropper Tool: copies appearance attributes from one object to another

Zoom tool icon - Zoom Tool: zooms in or out of the canvas

Transform tool icon - Free Transform Tool: moves, rotates, scales or skews objects

Rectangle tool icon - Rectangle Tool: creates rectangles

Rounded rectangle tool icon - Rounded Rectangle Tool: creates rectangles with rounded corners

Ellipse tool icon - Ellipse Tool: creates ellipses

Polygon tool icon - Polygon Tool: creates polygons with a customizable number of sides

Star tool icon - Star Tool: creates stars with a customizable number of points

Line tool icon - Line Tool: draws straight lines

Arc tool icon - Arc Tool: creates arcs

Sheets tool icon - Sheets Tool: adds or deletes sheets and adjusts their size and position