Changing Object's Shape

Erase a Part of an Object

The Eraser tool can remove a part of an object. This tool also works with groups and compound groups.

To activate the Eraser tool, click on the Eraser icon Eraser tool icon in the Tools panel.

In order to erase a portion of an object, select this object. Then drag the tool over the object's part you want to remove.

If the original object is created by a closed path, the program will keep it closed. After applying the Eraser tool to the path, the latter will either change its shape or split into two closed paths.

The Eraser tool was dragged over the path.
Removing a part of an object with the Eraser tool.
The Eraser tool was dragged across the rectangle.
Splitting an object into parts with the Eraser tool.

In order to move the Eraser tool along a straight line, use the Option key. Press it before dragging the tool. In order to snap the line to 45, 90 degrees and so on, hold down the Option and Shift keys.

To change the tool width, use these keys: [ to decrease, and ] to increase.

Modifier Keys and Shortcut Summary


Eraser tool modifier keys: