Changing Object's Shape

Transforming Objects

Scale Objects

Scale Using the Bounding Box

To resize an object, drag a corner or side handle on the object's bounding box using the Move tool Move tool. To preserve the aspect ratio, do that by holding down the Shift key.

Resize an object using its handles on the canvas

Scale Objects to a Particular Size

If you know the new size of the object, you can input it into the width and height fields of the Geometry panel.

Scale Objects by a Particular Percentage

In order to scale an object by a certain percentage, set the W and H values in the Transform panel.

Shear Objects

In order to shear an object, use either the Transform or Geometry panel.

Shear tools in the Transform panel
part of the Transform panel with the Shear controls.

To shear an object, set the amount of transformation using one of the Shear controls. An icon near each tool shows the corresponding transformation pattern.

In some cases, an object can be aligned to the grid or some other object. To preserve the alignment, you can select a reference point using the 9-point control. The selected point will retain its position after transformation. For example, you can align the top left corner of a rectangle to the grid. Then click on the upper left dot of the 9-point control. After transformation, that corner will still be aligned to the grid.