Workspace and Program Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts


Cmd-S Save the current document.
Cmd-Shift-Opt-S Save the current document to a new file.
Cmd-Shift-S Create a copy of the current document.
Cmd-O Open a document.
Cmd-N Create a new document.
Cmd-Shift-P Open the Document Setup dialog to verify or set up measurement units, grid and other properties.
Cmd-W Close the active document.
Cmd-Opt-W Close all open windows.
Cmd-Opt-E Export the current document to a graphic file.
Cmd-Q Exit the application.
Cmd-Z Reverse the last operation you performed.
Cmd-Shift-Z Reverse the last Undo operation.

Windows and Panels

Cmd-Shift-W Close the open window.
Cmd-"," Bring up the Preferences dialog.
Cmd-M Minimize the currently active window.
Cmd-P Bring up the standard Print dialog.

Document View and Canvas

Cmd-+ Zoom in the current view.
Cmd-"-" Zoom out the current view.
Cmd-0 Zoom the current sheet to fit the window.
Cmd-Opt-0 Fit the whole document into the window.
Cmd-1 Display the document at 100% scale.
Cmd-Y Activate the Outline Preview mode.
Cmd-Opt-Y Activate the Pixel Preview mode.
Cmd-Opt-Shift-Y Activate the Retina Pixel Preview mode.
Cmd-; Hide or show guides.
Cmd-R Show the rulers.
Cmd-' Show the grid.
Cmd-Shift-' Snap to the grid when you are moving or resizing an object, or when you are moving individual anchor points.
Cmd-/ Show smart guides when you are moving or resizing an object.
Space Activate the Hand tool which lets you scroll the canvas by dragging it.

Layers and Objects

Cmd-C Copy a selected object to the Clipboard.
Cmd-V Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the document.
Cmd-Shift-V Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the document at the same location as the original object.
Cmd-X Cut a selected object to the Clipboard.
Cmd-A Select all objects on all sheets except for locked objects.
Cmd-Opt-A Select all objects on the active sheet except for locked objects.
Cmd-Shift-A Deselect all objects.
Cmd-Opt-Shift-A Select objects that are currently not selected, and deselect those that are selected.
Cmd-D Duplicate a selected object.
Delete Delete a selected object.
Cmd-Shift-C Copy the style of a selected object.
Cmd-Opt-V Apply the style, copied to the Clipboard, to a selected object.
Cmd-G Group selected objects.
Cmd-Shift-G Ungroup a selected group.
Cmd-J Apply the same transformation that was set up and applied using the Transform dialog the last time.
Cmd-L Lock a selected object.
Cmd-Opt-L Unlock all objects in the document.
Cmd-Shift-N Create a new layer.
Cmd-Shift-D Create a copy of the current layer.
Cmd-] Move a selected object by one object forward within the object stacking order.
Cmd-Shift-] Place a selected object in front of other objects.
Cmd-[ Move a selected object by one object backward within the object stacking order.
Cmd-Shift-[ Place a selected object behind other objects.
Shift-D Apply the default style to the selected object.
Cmd-Ctrl-U Combine selected objects using the Union operation.
Cmd-Ctrl-T Combine selected objects using the Intersect operation.
Cmd-Ctrl-S Combine selected objects using the Subtract operation.
Cmd-Ctrl-X Combine selected objects using the Exclude operation.
Cmd-Ctrl-V Divide selected objects into parts.
Shift-X Swap the colors of the object's stroke and fill.

Text Editing and Formatting

Cmd-V Paste text from the Clipboard into the edit box.
Cmd-A Select all text in the text editor.
Cmd-T Open or close the Fonts panel.
Cmd-B Make selected text bold.
Cmd-I Turn selected text into italics.
Cmd-U Underline selected text.
fn fn Dictate your text.
Cmd-Ctrl-Space Open the Emoji & Symbols panel.


V Activate the Move tool.
A Activate the Selection tool.
L Activate the Lasso tool.
P Activate the Pen tool.
D Activate the Draw tool.
W Activate the Path Width tool.
G Activate the Gradient tool.
T Activate the Text tool.
K Activate the Knife tool.
C Activate the Scissors tool.
E Activate the Eraser tool.
I Activate the Eyedropper tool.
Z Activate the Zoom tool.
Q Activate the Free Transform tool.
R Activate the Rectangle tool.
Shift-R Activate the Rounded Rectangle tool.
O Activate the Ellipse tool.
Shift-O Activate the Polygon tool.
Shift-S Activate the Star tool.
/ Activate the Line tool.
F Activate the Elliptic Arc tool.
S Activate the Sheets tool.
[ Decrease the diameter of the Pen, Draw and Erase tools.
] Increase the diameter of the Pen, Draw and Erase tools.
Cmd Temporarily activate a different tool. This key switches the Selection tool to the Move tool and vice versa. The Draw or Pen tool will be switched to the Selection tool. Other tools will be switched to either Selection or Move tool depending on which of them was activated most recently.