Workspace and Program Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts


Cmd-S Save the current document.
Cmd-Shift-S Create a copy of the current document.
Cmd-O Open a document.
Cmd-N Create a new document.
Cmd-Shift-P Open the Document Setup dialog to verify or set up measurement units, grid and other properties.
Cmd-W Close the active document.
Cmd-Q Exit the application.
Cmd-Z Reverse the last operation you performed.
Cmd-Shift-Z Reverse the last Undo operation.

Windows and Panels

Cmd-Shift-W Close the open window.
Cmd-"," Bring up the Preferences dialog.
Cmd-M Minimize the currently active window.
Cmd-P Bring up the standard Print dialog.

Document View and Canvas

Cmd-+ Zoom in the current view.
Cmd-"-" Zoom out the current view.
Cmd-0 Zoom the current sheet to fit the window.
Cmd-Alt-0 Fit the whole document into the window.
Cmd-1 Display the document at 100% scale.
Cmd-Y Activate the Outline Preview mode.
Cmd-Alt-Y Activate the Pixel Preview mode.
Cmd-Alt-Shift-Y Activate the Pixel Preview mode.
Cmd-; Hide or show guides.
Cmd-R Show the rulers.
Cmd-' Show the grid.
Cmd-Shift-' Snap to the grid when you are moving or resizing an object.
Cmd-/ Show smart guides when you are moving or resizing an object.

Layers and Objects

Cmd-C Copy a selected object to the Clipboard.
Cmd-V Paste the content of the Clipboard to the document.
Cmd-Shift-V Paste the content of the Clipboard to the document at the same location as the original object has.
Cmd-X Cut a selected object to the Clipboard.
Cmd-A Select all objects on all sheets except for locked objects.
Cmd-Alt-A Select all objects on the active sheet except for locked objects.
Cmd-Shift-A Deselect all objects.
Cmd-Alt-Shift-A Select objects that are currently not selected, and deselect those that are selected.
Cmd-D Duplicate a selected object.
Backspace Delete a selected object.
Cmd-Shift-C Copy the style of a selected object.
Cmd-Alt-V Apply the style, copied to the Clipboard, to a selected object.
Cmd-G Group selected objects.
Cmd-Shift-G Ungroup a selected group.
Cmd-J Apply the same transformation that was set up and applied using the Transform dialog the last time.
Cmd-L Lock a selected object.
Cmd-Alt-L Unlock all objects in the document.
Cmd-Shift-N Create a new layer.
Cmd-Shift-D Create a copy of the current layer.
Cmd-] Move a selected object by one object forward within the object stacking order.
Cmd-Shift-] Place a selected object in front of other objects.
Cmd-[ Move a selected object by one object backward within the object stacking order.
Cmd-Shift-[ Place a selected object behind other objects.

Text Editing and Formatting

Cmd-V Paste text from the Clipboard into the edit box.
Cmd-A Select all text in the text editor.
Cmd-T Open or close the Fonts panel.
Cmd-B Make selected text bold.
Cmd-I Turn selected text into italics.
Cmd-U Underline selected text.
fn fn Dictate your text.
Cmd-Ctrl-Space Open the Emoji & Symbols panel.


V Activate the Move tool.
A Activate the Selection tool.
L Activate the Lasso tool.
P Activate the Pen tool.
D Activate the Draw tool.
W Activate the Path Width tool.
G Activate the Gradient tool.
T Activate the Text tool.
K Activate the Knife tool.
C Activate the Scissors tool.
E Activate the Eraser tool.
I Activate the Eyedropper tool.
Z Activate the Zoom tool.
Q Activate the Free Transform tool.
R Activate the Rectangle tool.
Shift-R Activate the Rounded Rectangle tool.
O Activate the Ellipse tool.
Shift-O Activate the Polygon tool.
Shift-S Activate the Star tool.
/ Activate the Line tool.
F Activate the Elliptic Arc tool.
S Activate the Sheets tool.