Release Notes

What's new in Amadine v1.0.5

  • Improvements in SVG import and export.
  • Fixes a bug with the Make Compound Path command not working.
  • Fixes export of sheets in the Mac App Store version.

What's new in Amadine v1.0.4

  • Resolves a problem with the Color Picker not working properly.
  • Addresses an issue where the text could draw incorrectly in the text editing mode.

What's new in Amadine v1.0.3

  • When opening a document, the program now restores its latest zoom and canvas position.
  • EPS files can be imported as editable vector images.
  • The Effects Quality setting in the Document Settings can be used to adjust on-screen drawing quality for better performance.
  • The Sheets panel now displays sheet numbers along with their names.
  • Exporting of multi-sheet documents has been improved.
  • The arrowhead sizes can be adjusted in a wider range.
  • Invisible shapes and layers are no longer included into PDF export.

What's new in Amadine v1.0.2

  • The Eraser, Scissors and Knife tool can be used with the Shift key for erasing/cutting in a straight line.
  • It is now possible to change an anchor from Corner to Smooth by double-clicking on it.
  • Changes in the Sheets panel: Double-click a sheet's name to change it, or next to the name to switch to that sheet.
  • Changes in the Layers panel: Double-click a name to change it, or next to the name to show the shape on the canvas.
  • The behavior of sliders has been improved.
  • Snapping can be temporarily disabled by holding down the Cmd key when moving a shape.
  • When exporting a document, the document’s name is now used instead of “Untitled”.
  • Holding down the Shift key now increases or decreases a stepper’s value by 10.
  • It is now possible to exit the application using Cmd+Q with the Welcome Window open.
  • The SVG Fill option has been removed from Image Fill options as redundant.
  • Changing stroke width with [ and ] keys now works in all drawing tools (Pen, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, Star, Line, Arc).
  • Newly added sheets are now centered in the window.
  • In the Sheets tool, the selected sheet can be moved with the arrow keys.
  • When exporting to TIFF and PNG, it is possible to choose between the transparent or white background.
  • When importing from SVG, the image would shift with respect to the canvas – this has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the currently selected tool would reset to Move after switching to another application with the Cmd+Tab shortcut.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect closing of a path with the Modify > Path > Close command.
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to exporting and Expand operations.

What's new in Amadine v1.0.1

  • Touch Bar controls for the Arc tool have been added.
  • Redesigned Touch Bar controls for the Star and Polygon tools.
  • Constrained movement with Shift now uses 45 degree increments instead of 15 degree.
  • Fixes some memory leaks.
  • Fixes a problem where changing a slider on the Touch Bar would not update the cursor respectively.
  • Other bug fixes and usability improvement.