Drawing Using Transform Functionality

In this video we will show you how to save time on adding multiple copies of an object at different positions with the help of Transform functionality. To help you better understand the lesson and practice on your own, download accompanying file of a clock drawing:

In this video you will learn how to quickly add multiple minute marks on a clock dial.

  • select the Ellipse tool and place the cursor at the center of the drawing;
  • press Option and Shift keys simultaneously and drag the cursor until the diameter of the circle reaches 360 px;
  • release the mouse button and then Option and Shift keys;
  • in the Appearance panel open Stroke settings, choose outside alignment for the stroke and set width to 20 pt;
  • close the settings dialog and set the necessary Stroke and Fill colors for the dial.

Manually adding each individual minute mark on the dial can be a pain, that’s when the Transform Panel comes handy. The Transform Panel is used to adjust the geometric properties of objects, such as Scale, Move, Rotation and Shear. By making a copy of the original object and repeating the transform operation again we can create a set of symmetrical objects just in a few clicks.

To duplicate more minute marks, hold Command and keep pressing J key until you create 58 marks and complete the dial. To add Hour marks we will use the same technique.

Transform functionality is a real time saver when it comes to creation of art which requires element duplications with position and angle changes.