Working With Sheets

This tutorial gives an insight on how to manage sheets in Amadine. Sheet is a digital representation of a physical paper. But in fact, there may be an unlimited number of such pieces of paper in a document. In Amadine they are called sheets.

We’ll explore the following things in the video:

  • how to create sheets;
  • what operations can be performed on a sheet;
  • where to find type, size and other settings for the selected sheet;
  • how to add a new sheet;
  • how to rearrange sheets;
  • how to hide a sheet from the view;
  • how to delete a sheet;
  • how to change the position of a sheet;
  • which parameters of the sheet can be set through the Control panel;
  • how to resize the sheet;
  • what does Move artwork with sheet option do;
  • how to export all/selected sheets into available formats.