Drawing with the Pen Tool

With the help of this video you will trace some parts of the dinosaur shape and learn how to use the Pen tool. The tutorial provides the sample document, which contains not only the shapes, but also the auxiliary lines for the ease of use for the first time users here:

The main skills acquired after following the tutorial in the sample document are the following:

  • points creation and joining
  • undoing the last action
  • closing the path, which will lead to making it a shape of a free form
  • changing the color of the fill for the closed path
  • creating curved paths and controlling their curvature with the help of the auxiliary lines
  • converting a point into a corner point
  • splitting the direction lines and giving a path another direction.

Practice makes perfect and soon enough you will be able to create objects of any shape. Don’t forget to use all the tips and tricks in the sample document and create your own cute little dino.