Draw a Path with the Brush Tool

Brush is a freehand drawing tool. It creates a path that follows the cursor as you draw. The Brush tool is, in fact, the Draw tool that draws with a Brush stroke.

To activate the Brush tool, click on the Draw icon Draw tool icon in the Tools panel. Before using it, make sure that a Brush is selected in the Appearance panel.

Appearance panel with a Brush applied to an object.

Settings of the Brush tool are located in the Control panel. They are described in the Create a Path with the Draw Tool section.

Control panel of the Brush tool

Brush requires that you select the Custom profile in the Control panel. Brush does not use the pressure information when you draw with a stylus. For that reason, the Pressure profile cannot be used with the Brush tool. If you select an incompatible profile, the active tool will switch from Brush to Pencil.

Once you finish drawing, you can modify the created graphic. To edit the path, use tools and methods described in the Edit a Path section. To change how your graphic element looks, use the Appearance panel.