Working With Text—Part 1 (Adding Text)

In the first video of Working with Text tutorials you will learn how to create several types of text.

Amandine is a vector drawing app, but of course it has a feature that allows you to work with text. You can create different types of text in the app. For this you need to choose one of the modes of the Text tool and use it for your text creation.

You can create the following text types in the Amadine app:

  • single line of text or several paragraphs with the help of the Text Box tool;
  • short texts with the Distortable text feature;
  • place text inside a shape with the Text in Shape tool;
  • place text along a drawn path with the Text on Path tool.

The video explains how to use each of the Text tools modes and features, how to add, delete, resize the text. You can download the Free Trial of the app to practice your text creation skills.