The Grid

The grid can help you place objects on a sheet. It can also be useful when you resize an object or sheet by dragging handles opposing inputting exact dimensions.

To show or hide the grid, use the Document panel. Tap on the eye icon of the Grid option.

The Document panel

To make an object or its part snap to the grid, activate the Snap to Grid option.

Setting Up the Grid

In order to set up the grid in the current document, tap on the respective gear icon in the Document panel.

The Grid Options panel

Spacing: Sets the distance between the grid lines horizontally and vertically.

Subdivisions: Divides each grid cell into several parts. For example, type "3" in the X edit box to split cells into three parts horizontally.

Show on Background: Defines whether the grid should be displayed in front or behind everything else on the canvas.

Grid Color: Defines the color of the grid. Notice that the Grid Color in the Preferences specifies the default color for all new documents. You can use the Grid Options panel to change the grid color in a particular document.