Workspace and Program Interface

Program Settings

To open the program settings, choose Preferences in the main menu. If the document browser is currently open, tap on the menu icon Button that opens the menu in the document browser in the document browser and choose Preferences.

The Preferences panel

Tolerance: Sets the tolerance for selection and drawing tools. Greater values make it easier to tap on a path or anchor point in order to select or grab it.

Guides Color: Defines the color of guide lines.

Smart Guides Color: Defines the color of smart guides that appear for a short time when you move and align objects.

Grid Color: Defines the color of the grid.

To set a new color, tap on a color circle and then choose a color from the Color panel.

Show Pixel Grid: Shows or hides the pixel grid when the program is working in the Pixel Preview mode.

Allow filling when drawing: Allows the Draw tool to apply the Fill property to the path while you are drawing it. This requires that you enable a Fill property in the Appearance panel.

Double-tap to Isolate: Allows the program to activate the Isolation mode by double-tapping on an object.

Allow canvas rotation: Allows you to rotate the canvas using the two-finger gesture along with zooming.

Defaults: restores the default state of the settings.