Working with Text

Text in Rectangular Boundary

Text in a rectangular text box

Adding Text

To add a text box:

  1. Activate the Text tool Text tool icon in the Tools panel.
  2. Touch the screen and move your finger on it to start drawing the text box.
  3. Detach your finger to finish drawing.
  4. Type in or paste new text.

To exit the text editing mode, activate the Move tool.

Editing and Formatting Text

To edit text in your document, double-tap on it with the Move or Selection tool. Alternatively, you can start editing text by tapping on it with the Text tool. The built-in text editor provides basic capabilities for editing and formatting text.

Apart from the text itself, you can change its font, color and other properties as described in the Properties of Text section.

Editing Text as Paths

You can convert a text object to paths using the Expand button in the Path panel. Then you can edit each character as paths and anchor points using the respective tools. Note that after expanding a text object it will not be possible to edit it as text nor change its formatting.

Modifying the Boundary

To resize or rotate the boundary, drag the corresponding corner or side handle as explained in the Move, Resize and Rotate Objects section.

The boundary of a text box can also be modified as a path with the Selection, Pen and other tools. So, you can create a "text in a shape" object by customizing a rectangular text box.

Modifier Keys and Shortcut Summary

With an external keyboard, you can use the following shortcuts and modifier keys.


Text tool modifier key: