Working with Layers

Arranging Layers and Objects

Layers and objects stack one over another while you are adding them to the document. The stacking order of objects on the canvas is identical to the order in the Layers panel. If two objects overlap on the canvas, then the same object would be the upper on the canvas and in the list. This was discussed in the Layout Basics section.

The order of items in the Layers panel is important because it defines whether each individual object or layer should be behind or in front of another one. The Layers panel helps you reorder layers and objects.

The Layers panel

Change the Order of Layers

To reorder layers, drag a layer to a new position in the list.

You can also use drag and drop to place a layer inside another layer or to move a sublayer outside its parent layer.

Change the Order of Objects

To reorder objects, drag an object to a new position in the list.

An alternative way to change the order of objects is to use commands from the Modify > Arrange menu. You can get to the same set of commands by right-clicking on an object on the canvas.

Move an Object to Another Layer

You can move objects between layers. To do this, drag and drop an object from one layer to another. The Layers panel lets you select several objects and move them together.

Another way is to cut an object. Activate a destination layer and then paste the copied object.