Graphic Design Trends 2022

On the threshold of the New Year, people’s desire to believe in miracles always gets stronger. Without a doubt, this is high time to recharge batteries and start another page of life in a sound mind and body. Like other specialists, designers become super excited to get acquainted with upcoming trendy art directions.

A lot prefer to take most out of this great chance to reset. Given how challenging the year 2020 turned out to be, the graphic design trends are expected to let people free and offer a nice breeze for everyone.

Lettering illustration created in Amadine

3D Typography

The next-generation graphics is what users want to see in 2022, so designers are to satisfy this objective of the target audience to the full extent. Although 3D technologies aren’t completely new for specialists, their development is still on the go. If you would like to make your Mac sample be in the focus of attention, increase its grabbing-catching powers by adding more juiciness, brightness, and colorfulness to the image.

Each word has its own impact on the message’s recipients, and 3D effects will help you express yourself not just in a noticeable way, but also harness the content’s adjustability and compatibility.

Examples of 3D typography created in Art Text

Cartoon Illustrations

The massive drift is going to be towards refusing heavy graphics design elements and preferring a clean yet stylish digital look. What is beneficial about this trend is its adaptability: it would be easy for an expert to catch the flow and prepare a matching effect to enhance the atmosphere of the product/service. Custom characters may be presented in a form of a close-looking sign/object — the impression will be gorgeous.

Examples of cartoon illustrations created in Amadine

Isometric Drawing

Let’s come back to terminology. Isometric drawing implies 3D objects on 2D backgrounds. This effect is popular in the field of engineering and architecture. But who says it won’t work for other thematic templates as well? For instance, galleries are welcome to introduce such design elements in their guide maps or online exhibitions.

Isometric illustration created in Amadine

Geometry Shapes

There were dozens of designs with abstract elements in 2020, but it is the right moment for modification. If you would like your creation on Mac to look updated and modern, then using geometric shapes will work perfectly. Given the chaotic feelings that people had to face, this decision brings a perfect degree of structure and consistency to the content.

Examples of Geometry shapes illustration created in Amadine

Simplicity Runs the World

Visualization should have some borders not to make it overwhelming and annoying for end recipients. That’s why more and more designers turn to simpler forms and lines, and their layouts on Mac don’t look less attention-grabbing than those which include tons of details.

Examples of simple illustrations created in Amadine

Minimalism in Styling Templates

It isn’t that popular to use a lot of individual colors for designing images as it was once. Retouching requires calmer and warmer tones which are more refreshing and cool. In this perspective, jewel and gold shades are worthy solutions. The design versatility of the latter is already proved by numerous stunning layouts where gold is mixed with embossed, sparkling, matter, and other divergent textures.

Minimalistic illustration created in Amadine

Muted Color Palette

The year 2022 is time for combining contrasts as well. While bright tones are popular in 3D graphics, muted colors seem to flood the place fast. Unfortunately, since there are so many headlines to describe negative and frequently confusing messages, there is a need to apply light or dark muted shades to improve the customers’ visual experience.

Examples of muted color palette illustrations created in Amadine Muted color palette illustration created in Amadine

Organic Design

Taking into account how much time people had to spend inside during the previous year, adding more elements of nature to the graphics design on Mac is an obvious consequence. Layouts will start to introduce the surrounding environment and inspire teams’ brainstorming even more.

Organic design illustration created in Amadine Examples of organic design illustrations created in Amadine

Wrap It Up

Without the slightest hesitation, inexhaustible possibilities graphic design offers enthusiasts to improve their work aren’t likely to stop impressing and amazing. To become one of those who is a friend to numerous picture design stylish effects, it is a must to find your soulmate illustration software. Luckily, Amadine is a perfect tool for Mac users to always stand out among other works with their own modern, relevant, and trendy layouts.

The illustrations for this article were created by My Name Is Wendy Studio, Eugene Buzuk, Kirk Wallace, Max Lazor, Nicola Ovsek, Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno, Andrea Manzati, Jana Glatt Rozenbaum, Ana Rodriguez Martin, Miguel Angel Gonzalez, Alexandra Boyovich.
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