Graphic Design Trends 2024

With the passing of time, designers are finally coming to understand the value and benefits of unique and divergent approaches to creating visuals. What is predicted to be on the stage in 2024? Among lasting survivors on numerous ranking lists, there are also unexpected arrivals that will blow customers’ minds with their brightness and powerful message-delivery capacity. Stay tuned to see how the design history is going to unfold.

Graphic Design Trends illustration created in Amadine.
Design elements by Max Shirko.

Design Trends’ Overview

No matter how stereotypical it may sound, the beginning of the new year is like turning a book page—target audiences expect unparalleled ideas and impressive art decisions to capture their attention. Knowledge is power, so trend-spotting is a worthy analysis to consider. It will move you closer to customers’ expectations and fuel your own creativity with new inspirational sources, such as:

AI-Enhanced Design Practices

Artificial intelligence in graphic design creates fascinating and fantastic images of people, expanding the boundaries of creativity and interaction between reality and fiction. This trend manifests itself in the creation of unique graphic concepts that intertwine elements of the real world with fantastic ideas, allowing designers to experiment and reveal new possibilities.

Fantasy Portraits: Intelligent algorithms can analyze facial structures and characteristics of individuals to create portraits that combine real features with elements of fiction. This can include hairstyle transformations, make-up or even adding fantastic accessories.

Synthesis of Different Styles: The AI can mix different styles of art, fashion and design, creating looks that combine elements from abstraction to steampunk or cyberpunk.

Fairy Tale Interiors: Algorithms can use virtual reality to create fairy tale interiors, where real objects and architectural elements are combined with fantastic details. It can be a reflection of a fairy-tale world in a real environment.

Graphic Experiments: Artificial intelligence allows designers to experiment with non-standard shapes, colors and textures, creating unpredictable and exciting visual effects.

Fantasy Scenarios: Intelligent algorithms can generate graphics for fantasy scenarios such as sci-fi landscapes, futuristic cities or space landscapes.

This trend arouses interest in creativity and opens new horizons for graphic design, where fantasy and reality merge into a single artistic expression.

AI-enhanced and AI-generated images.
Image by Freepik.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable graphic design impresses with its identity through the use of natural colors and environmentally friendly palettes. Minimalist shapes and durable designs define this style, making the graphic works relevant for a long time. Eco-iconography and natural motifs such as leaves and water drops are used to emphasize the natural connection.

Infographics are used to effectively educate about environmental issues, and energy-efficient and interactive visual effects add appeal to the web design. Graphic stories point to social responsibility, creating an image that shocks and educates at the same time.

Sustainable design examples.
Designed by Gapsy Studio.


3D design is becoming very diverse. It has already started to gain popularity in the previous years and will gain even more of it in the future among various branches of design. In the coming year, its possibilities are endless, from hyper-trendy Inflatable 3D to 3D Surrealism works. With the ability to reproduce textured and realistic objects with crystal-clear clarity, it is a unique form. 3D design becomes even more detailed, impressive and textured. Glossy, metallic, edible and fur 3D designs will look as realistic as possible while being used in impressive compositions and interesting forms. One of the popular directions of 3D design will be plasticine clay, which is made with imperfect uneven surfaces, shaped as if by fingers. It shows all the beauty hidden in imperfection. In 2024, 3D design will mix with 2D and may also become a part of a mixed dimension.

Example of 3D designs by Johana Kroft.


Some of the hallmarks of psychedelic art and design include whimsical fantasy imagery, kaleidoscopic and spiral patterns, overpoweringly bright and contrasting color schemes, artistic chaos, extremely intricate details, and original typography.

Examples of psychedelic illustration by Serj Marco.

Experimental Typefaces

Experimental typefaces usually stem from the display family and have an unexpected look or interaction. They break all the fundamental rules of traditional typography, such as contrast, endurance and consistency, and push the letters to the limit, making them visually bright and unconventional. These text styles include whimsical lines, colors and surprising letter shapes. As a rule, they are used in design to denote anything new, unconventional, beyond simple categorization or expectation, and something that confuses or disrupts the norm.

Experimental typefaces selection by New Tropical Design Studio.

Liquid Gradients

Liquid gradients and graphics are also a popular graphic design trend in 2024. This style uses fluid textures, shapes and colors that seem to flow, creating a sense of movement in the design, making it attractive and something that will stand out from the crowd. In the color palette, they can range from discreet to brightly colored to holographic.

This trend is perfect for creative, modern businesses that want to emphasize and impress customers with their branding materials. Also, liquid gradients cause a “wow effect” when added to illustrations, graphic posters and web design. Using fluid shapes and colors, businesses can create unique brands that will stand out from the crowd.

Example of liquid gradients by Ana Ariane. Example of liquid gradients by Martin Naumann.


In the context of design, mysticism includes iconography related to astrology and divination, illustrations of mystical creatures, sorcerers, and dark nighttime environments. The trend also draws heavily on popular symbolism, including zodiac signs, all-seeing eyes, lotus flowers and sacred geometry. As in the past, these symbols act as talismans, filling the natural and heavenly world with an occult and deep meaning.

Mystical designs use a dark, muted, calming color palette. They are created with fine lines and organic curves that feel soft and delicate. Present are the images of moon, stars, meditative or magical gestures. All this draws attention to the trend and plunges the audience into the mystery of mystical ideas.

Examples of mystical designs by Daphna Sebbane. Examples of mystical designs by Lilla Bölecz.

Mixed Dimension

The boundary between physical and online life is becoming more blurred as people spend more and more time online. And, in 2024, graphic designers are completely destroying this boundary by adding their digital designs to real photos. This trend focuses on bringing the vibrancy of color, joy and whimsy into real life from a photo card. This design also shows the world as we would like to see it, a place of discoveries and miracles, offering a lot of space for the flight of the designers’ imaginations, while they creatively color everyday life. Life can sometimes seem bleak, and the creative power of art offers us an escape and reminds us that we can create magic, add humor, and experiment if we only dare to.

Mixed dimensions designs by Olha Voronova.

Expressive Lettering

Typography art isn’t just about letters—it is about transforming multiple visual patterns into language characters people are accustomed to. If you prefer the boundaries of traditional text writing, ensure your message will convey a sense of multiple perception layers. That could be words that are harmoniously tuned to the woodcut background or resemble painted tree leaves, as well as signs that are made of twisted lines.

Example of expressive lettering logo created in Amadine Lettering illustration created in Amadine Examples of expressive lettering in Amadine illustrations


This Japanese art genre has enabled designers to transform flat vector layouts. Such rendering doesn’t have to depict particular characters only—it is just a special suite of lines and shapes to describe any object of the surrounding reality. The Ukiyo-e method combines fluid and blurred-like image elements with bright and frequently exaggerated details.

Examples of Ukiyo-e style illustrations created in Amadine by Alexandra Boyo Ukiyo-e style illustrations created in Amadine by Olga Voronova and Alexandra Boyo

Geometric-Fueled Designs

This trend reflects people’s desire to organize things efficiently, so the chance that it will ever disappear is little to none. Geometric patterns are expected to evolve even more during 2024. Just imagine different-shaped puzzle pieces, creating a harmonious view. Visuals are made of separate geometric shapes here, which increases their entertainment and communicational value.

Examples of geometric-fueled illustrations created in Amadine Geometric illustration in Amadine by Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno

90s Nostalgia

Trends that seem to fade forever can easily make a comeback thanks to people who remember and treasure those times. Seeking 90s patterns (as well as other time periods) allows brands to speak the same language with their target audience, showing they understand their needs and desires. For younger generations, modifying the 90s vibes is a gorgeous source of inspiration to experiment with.

Examples of 90s nostalgia illustrations created in Amadine The 90s nostalgia illustration created in Amadine by Miguel Angel Gonzalez

Authentic Hand-Drawn Elements

What is the best way to highlight your brand’s authenticity and personality? Thanks to drawing, social media products achieve an incomparable soul and energy. Instead of professional photos, use the power of personalized touches in your branding.

Examples of authentic hand-drawn elements illustration by Alexandra Boyo

Intricate Maximalism

This trend is more than simply the opposite of minimalism. Thanks to the analyzed concept in branding and other projects, artists can mirror their imagination and picture of the world. Such designs consist of multiple colors and patterns, which are visually harmonious and interesting to analyze.

Maximalist poster by Max Lazor created in the Amadine app Intricate maximalism illustration by Muhammed Sajid

Brutalism and Anti-Design

When there are design trends to accept as mainstream, there will inevitably be counterpart opinions and concepts. The anti-design is brutal and competitive in its nature. It captures viewers’ attention through non-matching colors, asymmetry, oxymoron meanings and visual comparisons. Such formats are challenging and make customers conjure up their rebellious side.

Brutalism illustration by Alexandra Boyo created in the Amadine app Anti-design poster. Source: Shutterstock


This trend encapsulates the entire epoch of fashion, creativity and love for experimentation. With its roots dating back to the 1990s, its aesthetics are gentle and simultaneously futuristic. The mixtures of clothing and hardware design are spiced with modern messages, making such designs vibrant and colorful.

Y2K illustration. Source: Shutterstock Y2K illustration created by Olga Voronova in the Amadine app

Wrap It Up

All in all, this year is going to flourish even more than the previous one with experiments and colorful ideas. It is time to boost your creativity and freedom and start relating to your audience more personally. Using modern software like Amadine, this task isn’t challenging at all.

The design of the article was revised by Olha Voronova. The illustrations for this article were created by Max Shirko, AI-generated images from Freepik, Gapsy Studio, Serj Marco, New Tropical Design Studio, Ana Ariane, Martin Naumann, Daphna Sebbane, Lilla Bölecz, Johana Kroft, Olha Voronova, Max Lazor, My Name Is Wendy Studio, Eugene Buzuk, Ana Gomez Bernaus, Alexandra Boyovich, Kseniia Bystrova, Andrea Manzati, Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno, Selin Cinar, Wes Art Studio, Muhammed Sajid.
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