Logo Design Trends 2024

People’s curiosity always makes them check what’s coming next. This strategy is efficient for any field since it simplifies entering a new year with more exciting, advantageous and functional projects. Finding the outline for future tendencies in the logo design market lets you stay relevant, but it also is a powerhouse, enabling enthusiasts to attract larger audiences with unexpected and fresh solutions.

Stay tuned to get acquainted with promising logo design ideas that will raise your text from standard words. Onwards!

Innovative Logo Design: What to Expect in 2024

Last year brought designers multiple opportunities to enjoy the creative freedom to the full extent. The more this decade passes by, the clearer it becomes that experts in the field aren’t likely to run out of ideas and unique realization of traditional approaches for long. These graphic design trends will play a big part in carving out the aesthetics of the 2020s:

Gradients With Saturated Colors

Using bright gradients in logo creation is an effective way to provide the design with modern flair and energy. Gradients allow you to smoothly transition from one color to another, creating the impression of depth and dynamics. This adds elegance and attractiveness to the logo, and also emphasizes the uniqueness of the brand, setting it apart from the competition. The popular mobile communication company in the Netherlands, which changed its name from T-Mobile to Odido, developed a fantastic rebranding and pleased users with its new, modern logo, using bright mesh gradients.

Logos with saturated gradients by Visvibe™.
Logos design by Visvibe™.
New Dutch brand Odido logo with saturated gradients.
New brand and identity for Odido.

Typography With the Twist

Creating trendy logos using quirky fonts is an exciting task that requires creativity and aesthetic sense. One of the key elements of such eclectic logos is the use of fonts with unique, intriguing shapes and zigzag lines. These fonts add extravagance and originality to the final design.

When creating logos with the twist, it is important to consider the balance between quirkiness and readability. Although fonts may have unusual shapes, the text should remain easy to understand. The color palette also plays an important role in creating a trendy effect, and using bright or unexpected colors can add expression and attract attention.

In addition, the effectiveness of a logo is determined by its adaptability to different media platforms and sizes. Fancy fonts have the potential to create unique and memorable brand identities, but it's important to consider their reproducibility across formats and aspect ratios.

Finally, the success of a trendy logo with quirky fonts depends on how well it reflects the brand’s style and values, and how well it resonates with the target audience. Try experimenting with shapes, colors and composition to create a logo that impresses and leaves an indescribable impression.

Examples of logos with eclectic typography.
Logo design by Karla Heredia.

3D Logos

Creating 3D logos requires technical knowledge and artistic vision. One of the current trends is the use of different materials to give logos depth and texture. For example, the effective use of glass can add transparency and shine to the logo, creating the impression of volume. Plastic elements can add lightness and modernity, as well as provide the opportunity to use bright colors and gradients.

Another interesting aspect of 3D logo creation is the style that resembles inflatable balls. This look can be achieved with the help of special effects that give the logo lightness and convexity. This approach is often used to create fun and engaging brand identities that grab attention and leave a positive impression.

Examples of 3D logos.
Logo design by Designessense.com.

Liquid Mercury and Chrome Fonts

These logos are described as liquid metal, liquid mercury or chrome graphics. Whatever you call it, shiny typography, 3D logos and textured illustrations are everywhere now and will continue to capture the attention of users in 2024. These typeface logos, with their unevenly distributed weight, rounded corners and overall sense of organic infusion into the letterforms, look like molten metals.

Liquid mercury and chrome fonts logo examples by Alex Valentina.
Designed by Alex Valentina.

Mysticism and Astrology

Mystical, astronomical and magical logos conceal the magic of sacred mystery. They carry a hidden meaning of being and a sense of witchcraft. Most often, such logos are developed using popular symbols from sacred geometry, astrology, astronomy, talismans and magical gestures. In tune with the whole graphic design trend of mysticism, these logos use a dark, muted, calming color palette. The images of moons, stars and meditative or magical gestures draw attention to these logos and plunge the audience into the intricacy of mystical ideas.

Mysticism and astrology logo examples by Ruxandra Nastase.
Designed by Ruxandra Nastase.
Mysticism and astrology logo examples and use by Weirdface Brand.
Designed by Weirdface Brand.
Mysticism and astrology jewelry logo examples by Weirdface Brand.
Designed by Weirdface Brand.

Distorted Geometry

For many years, geometric logos have dominated the design space. Because of their simplicity, brevity, restraint, clarity and precision, they’ve won over many fans. But, in 2024, designers will break all the mathematical rules and change the appearance of designs from the usual geometry. New, consciously broken geometric logos will look like modern rebels among the typical geometry of past years. They are impudent, with sharp corners, missing parts and unusual forms that will not leave anyone feeling indifferent.

Distorted geometry logo example by Sajen Vect.
Designed by Sajen Vect.

Modern Art Deco

This style dates back to the 1920s and was at its peak for about 15 years. Now, art deco is returning to modern typography. Designing art deco typeface logos is a great way to add a touch of something that evokes a classic feel, a sense of elegance and sophistication while maintaining a modern touch.

Modern art deco logo examples by SilverStag.
Designed by SilverStag.

Negative Space

This is another method to make your logo design message more meaningful without complicating it. Beginners underestimate its power, but it is a stunning way to stay creative even if you have limited tools. Logos of Newsy, Criteo and Squirrel are good examples to guide you. White space shouldn’t be obligatorily fulfilled—use its potential to enhance your image clarity and style.

Negative space logo examples.


Traditionally, kitsch is synonymous with lowbrow quality or tacky things. In 2024, this logo design trend will create the right mood among customers thanks to its somewhat funny and sentimental components. Imperfect logos seem more natural and lively, which can’t help but attract and conjure up emotions. In some applications, kitsch can be a more creative version of vintage and retro styles.

Kitsch logo examples.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, logo trends to rock the 2024 creative season are marvelous opportunities for brands to speak to their customers in a clear and friendly voice while preserving their unique identity. Thanks to modern illustration software, like Amadine, interested parties can easily choose a logo design perfect for their brand.

Revised in January 2024

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