Logo Design Trends 2022

People’s curiosity always makes them check what’s coming next. This strategy is efficient for any field since it simplifies entering a new-year page with more exciting, advantageous, and functional projects. Finding the outline for future tendencies in the logo design market lets stay relevant, but it also is a powerhouse, enabling enthusiasts to attract larger audiences with unexpected and fresh solutions.

Stay tuned to get acquainted with promising logo design ideas that will raise your text from standard words. Onwards!

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Innovative Logo Design: What to Expect in 2022

Last year brought designers multiple opportunities to enjoy the creative freedom to the full extent. The more this decade passes by, the clearer it becomes that experts in the field aren’t likely to run out of ideas and unique realization of traditional approaches for long. These graphic design trends will play a big part in carving out the aesthetics of the 2020s:


Downgrading logos isn’t a rare practice. Instead of complex and sophisticated designs with multiple elements, more and more brands give their preference to clean and neat options. Simplifying geometric patterns and letter style provides a rejuvenated update, allowing logos to stay recognizable yet with a new vibe.

Google Chrome, Pepsi, Shell—these are just a few samples, where organizations chose the path of simple confidence. Choosing fonts without decorative details and plain colors will let you become a part of this story. Overly embellished logos, on the contrary, may be less profitable, turning not perfectly qualitative because of particular online/offline environments.

Simplification trend logo examples.

Negative Space

This is another method to make your logo design message more meaningful without complicating it. Beginners underestimate its power, but it is a stunning way to stay creative even if you are limited in tools. Logos of Newsy, Criteo, and Squirrel will be guiding. White space shouldn’t be obligatorily fulfilled—use its potential to enhance your image clarity and style.

Negative space logo examples.

Gradients with Saturated Colors

There were several worries about outdated gradients in 2020 and a year later. At the moment, designs with color gradients aren’t likely to slow down their trendiness. The experience of Baskin Robbins, Avon, and Abbyy only shows off that brightness is still eye-catching.

Of course, the balance is important, but it is simple to achieve by using a particular number of vivid options and a certain set of tones. Saturation comes in handy when brands need to increase their message expressiveness. Such colors visualize life dynamics and positive vibes.

Logo examples using gradients with saturated colors.

Retro Style Logo

Something old, something new—the opposite remains attention-grabbing. To stand out among other logo designs and to save their identity, several brands deliver important messages via interesting retro-styled patterns. These logos speak for themselves—just check how vibrant the designs of Founders Union, Cavalier Barbers, and Huckleberry Film Production are.


The less, the better. Minimalist and laconic visual expressions are not only suitable for multiple mediums without any loss in quality, be it a printed flyer or a website version. Such responsive logomarks don’t have completely realistic. Designers are welcome to play with lines, textures, and even prepare symbol-based logos. The key thing is to avoid tricky and unnecessary elements, which was done perfectly by Burger King, Ponto, and St. Louis Public Radio redesign projects.

Minimalist logo examples.


Traditionally, kitsch is synonymous with lowbrow quality or tacky things. In 2022, this logo design trend will create the right mood among customers thanks to its somewhat funny and sentimental components. Non-perfect logos seem more natural and livelier, which can’t help but attract and provoke emotions. By some means, kitsch is a more creative version of vintage and retro styles.

Kitsch logo examples.

Vector Generative Effects

Vector graphic design offers precision and accuracy to realize the most unexpected and intriguing ideas, which will burst out with their brightness and eye-catchiness. Vector lines increase the image quality, despite which scaling size is considered. Their multifunctionality is functional for branding, as well as user interface elements and illustrations.

User-friendly solutions like Amadine are a nice option for beginners to start doing their logos in a stylish and absolutely acceptable way by other experts and large target audiences. Intuitive workflows back up designers’ experience as well, enabling them to work whenever they want and need.

Logos created with vector generative effects.

Abstract Lines

When it comes to abstractiveness in logo designs, many mistakenly consider it the absence of clarity and defined shape. In reality, abstract lines are a clever method to create a never-seen pattern to amaze your audience. This type of geometry often is more meaningful in expressive particular concepts and feelings, making viewers not just take a look at your logo.

Abstract lines logos.

Neon Colors

These tones have always been associated with futuristic vibes, but they also present underground patterns in their style. All of these turn neon tones into gorgeous tools to customize logos. Thanks to them, common patterns become pieces of art. Arena uses bright neon shades to create a tech-like and game-oriented interface, while Creature Music prefers this strategy to show off its cutting-edge production.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, logo trends to rock the 2022 creative season are marvelous opportunities for brands to speak with their customers in a clear and friendly voice while preserving their unique identity. Thanks to modern illustration software, including Amadine, interested parties will easily create the logo design history.

Published in March 2022

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