Pantone’s Peach Fuzz: The Best Peach Color Combinations

Color enthusiasts: it’s that time of year again! Designers, artists, creators and fashion enthusiasts have been waiting for Pantone to declare what color the world wants to see more of in 2024. Pantone, the company that standardizes color and provides color matching for a range of industries, has named Peach Fuzz as the Color of the Year in 2024. This pale, warm orange shade is a definite contrast from the color of 2023, Viva Magenta.

Pantone officials indicate that Peach Fuzz 13-1023 represents a “warm welcoming embrace” and conveys compassion and coziness. The colors chosen often reflect something about culture, and it seems like choosing Peach fuzz might indicate that we all need something more soft and comforting in our lives. “What we felt came out of that was a desire for togetherness and reaching out to touch others,” said Pantone’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, talking about their decision. As a trend forecaster, Pantone is setting the stage for the world to see Peach Fuzz a lot more often, in everything from home accessories and fashion, to web design.

Pantone’s Peach Fuzz: color of the year 2024.

The Most Velvety Peach Color Combinations

Peach is a mix of orange and white. While pink, a close shade that is on the cool side of the spectrum, might call to mind candy and sugar, peach, with its warmth, is more reminiscent of the delicious summer fruit, juicy at its ripest point. The skin of the peach is also something tactile and fuzzy that feels good against the skin. In Chinese culture, the color peach represents immortality, since it is an emblem of the Chinese god of longevity.

There are a myriad of interesting ways to combine peach with other colors to elicit a special effect or give a message through color. It’s helpful to know that peach is a tertiary color, made by combining primary and secondary colors. To create color combos that are analogous, choose colors near peach on the color wheel. To create contrasting color combos, stick with shades that are opposite peach on the color wheel. You can also find an article on explaining more about combining colors for different effects helpful.

Peach & Purple

Peach is on the opposite end of the color wheel from purple, and different shades of the purple spectrum are beautiful pairings with the shade Peach Fuzz. The blend of colors in an ombre pattern brings to mind nature’s fiery sunsets and the colors of the sky.

The combination of peach with bright vivid purple also provides enough of a major contrast that purple stands out, making it a good combo when you have visual elements you’d like to emphasize. To really give the spotlight to things like flowers or graphic shapes, try purple elements in the front of a design, and peach as a contrast in the foreground.

Peach & purple color combination illustration.

Peach & Pink

A peach and pink pairing evokes an airy, romantic feel. Paired with pale pink this combination is perfect to use in baby showers, fanciful little girl birthdays, or events with a touch of romance, like weddings. Picture pink cotton candy and peach ice cream: these shades are dreamy together. This combination is perfect in florals, balloon displays, or any application where you could combine many shades in a transition from peach to pink.

And for a brighter feel, pairing peach with more intense pinks like fuschia is also trendy, and can lend a happy, joyful air to graphics or to a decorative setting.

Peach & pink color combination illustrations.

Peach & Red

Pairing red and peach may not be your first inclination, but indeed the colors work surprisingly together for many applications. Red is a color that is complementary to peach, so it creates an analogous color combination, rather than a contrasting one. Red is festive and energetic, and pairing it with the milder and calmer shade of peach is a nice balance of different energies.

This can be a bolder, more non-traditional pairing. Red and peach could be used to add dramatic flair through floral arrangements. For example, you might combine bold red poppies or dahlias with peach roses for a formal event.

This is also a color pairing that works well in fashion, as it is found in different cultures’ textile designs throughout history. Red and peach are often used together in the elegant embroidery found in Indian sarees, and in Asian designs of silk brocade.

Red and peach are also found together in a desert landscape, with various peach tones of sand forming a backdrop against earthy red rocks. These complimentary shades can work together in various creative ways.

Peach & red color combination illustrations.

Peach & Green

The colors peach and green are a contrasting combination that offer a range of aesthetic possibilities. This pairing immediately calls to mind nature: From fields of grasses with flower buds in peach shades scattered throughout, to leafy trees where ripe peaches hang. This combination is harmonious and can summon the Spring season, with growth and renewal.

Peach and green can also create a serene vibe. In interior design, this would be a great color pair for an inviting and calming space. In graphic design or on the web, this combination would be great to use for holistic health care, or natural wellness.

Peach and green can be used for more than serene spaces however. Using peach with a bold, more saturated green can elicit tropical vibes. This mixture would be perfect in a design that is inspired by exotic destinations, evoking warmth and adventure.

As contrasting colors, peach and green are quite versatile together. When used in different mediums and with varying intensity of shades, this combo can be used in many cool ways.

Peach & green color combination illustrations.

Peach & Blue

Peach and blue are ideal complementary colors. This color combination can be elegant, serene, natural, or dynamic depending on the shades.

Scenes of coastal, ocean decor often come to mind when seeing the combination of peach with blue. Peach is reminiscent of the sun and the inside of seashells, while blue represents the sky and the water. Together, these colors can have a calming effect.

Peach and blue pair well together in a playful atmosphere. Using more vibrant shades of blue create a youthful atmosphere. This is a great pair to use in children’s rooms, or in branding where a playful, youthful vibe would work.

Blue and peach is also a sophisticated pairing when used in interior design or in fashion. The elegance of a regal deep blue shade combined with the softer romantic color peach lends itself to beautiful fabrics for home design or for clothing.

These complimentary colors convey a range of feelings, from calm to energetic. It’s no surprise this has been a favorite color combination through the decades and has been applied in everything from interior design, to branding to graphic art.

Peach & blue color combination illustration.

Peach & Light Blue

Peach and light blue is a soothing combination of colors. On direct opposite ends of the color wheel, these two shades combine well in applications, due to their contrast.

Keeping the blue soft and pale makes this pairing more serene and subtle. This pairing has been an interior decorator’s favorite often for bedrooms, with pale peach walls and touches of blue in linens and rugs.

For an artistic trend prediction we see on the horizon, Peach Fuzz will no doubt be used a lot with aqua for graphic design, giving brightness and contrast to the screen or the printed page.

Peach & light blue color combination illustrations.

Peach & Darker Shades

The combination of peach with darker shades takes on a warm, sophisticated air. Envision muted peach walls paired with deep brown mahogany furniture and accents of gold-framed paintings and dark green or navy velvet furnishings.

This combination also makes us think of illumination, like a sunrise emerging from a deep gray sky after a storm. Against a black background, the color peach seems to be lit from behind especially in digital designs. Use this combination for high contrast, and to draw the eye to something you want to spotlight.

Thanks to a contrast, deep colors like charcoal, dark brown, navy or black really accent the lightness of the color peach.

Peach & darker shades color combination illustration.

Peach & Earth Tones

Peach is a color that matches perfectly with earth tones, as peach itself is a warm tone, seen throughout nature. Earth tones like tan, brown, cream and gold are analogous to peach and can be used in many ways. Terracotta with peach evokes the afternoon sun. For a contrasting earth tone, the green of leaves and herbs mixed with the color peach makes us think of cuisine, like curries, salads, or root vegetables, all with delicious flavors.

Pairing the color peach with dark brown hues can provoke a grounding effect, adding some weight to peaches’ light, uplifting tone. Thanks to this balance, peach and earth tones combine to form an excellent pair to design a home around.

Peach and earth tones are a modern pair, represented in organic shapes of contemporary art, and graphic design elements of the past couple of years. This is definitely a color pairing to consider to give your artistic designs a fresh, modern look.

Peach & earth tones combination illustration.

Pantone’s Viva Magenta: The Best Crimson Color Combinations of 2023

The end of the year is a good time to take a retrospective look at Pantone’s Color of the Year choices over the past couple of years. As we look back to Pantone’s Color of 2023, we recall Viva Magenta, the bright vivid pink that stimulated energy and optimism.

Magenta found excellent pairings with the contrasting color green, prompting a rich, elegant feel to art and design. Viva magenta, or crimson has been combined often with blue, for a powerful contrast that can be dramatic. This pair is seen in many sports teams’ themes, conveying strength and unity. In fashion and interior design, crimson and blue gives a luxurious and sophisticated feel. This color is far from peach; it could, however, be used with peach as a definite contrast when a bolder, more powerful shade is needed.

Pantone Viva Magenta color combination.

Pantone’s Very Peri: The Best Purple Color Combinations

Looking back at 2022, Very Peri was the Pantone Color of the Year. The periwinkle blue shade conveyed motivation and relaxing emotions, especially welcome after coming out of a global pandemic state. Hopefulness and happiness are easy to see in many combinations with periwinkle. Flowers like aster, lilac and dwarf iris provide natural examples of periwinkle for artists to take inspiration from.

Combined with white, periwinkle provides a contrast, and is familiar in popular brands like Cadbury. Periwinkle is also a perfect contrasting shade to use with orange, representing fun, strength and energy. It’s also a perfect pair to pink as a complementary shade, especially to arouse an air of femininity or a feeling of nurturing friendship.

Pantone Very Peri color combination.


As we head into 2024, Peach Fuzz will certainly be on the forefront of trends. The color gives designers ample possibility to evoke different sensibilities, from natural and calm, to exotic, playful or warm. Combining peach and a range of shades provides a wide palette for creative expression.

Paired with blues, peach is tranquil and sophisticated. Coupled with vibrant greens, peach appears lively and energetic. Along with earth tones, peach conveys a sense of harmony and grounding, especially in modern interiors or digital graphics. With purple, peach is also well suited for interior design or art applications where high contrast is needed. And to convey energy and dynamism, peach and red are a perfect duo.

In 2024 we can expect to see Peach Fuzz making an impact across many industries and used in new ways in design. Peach Fuzz is sure to give a refreshing new option to designers and artists who want a trend-forward aesthetic.

We are always inspired by artists in the Amadine community who use color combinations in creative ways!

The design of the article was created by Olha Voronova. The illustrations for this article were created by Max Lazor, Rifqi Dhia, Olha Voronova, Alexandra Boyovich, Daria Lisovsky, Eleonora, Rabia Yahya.
Published in December 2023

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