Working with Documents

Document Settings

The Document panel lets you set up your document.

To open the panel, tap on the corresponding icon in the main window.

Document panel

View Mode: Lets you select one of document view modes. You can choose a mode that is most suitable for editing your graphics. Or, you can preview how your design might look once it is exported to a raster format.

Smart Guides: Shows smart guides when you move or resize objects.

Snap to Grid: Allows the program to snap objects to the grid when you move them.

Snap to Pixel: Snap objects to the pixel grid. This makes sense when you need to save your vector graphics in a raster file format. For more details, read Align Objects to the Pixel Grid.

Grid: The eye icon shows or hides the grid. The gear icon opens the Grid Options panel.

Guides: The lock icon locks or unlocks all guides. The eye icon shows or hides all guides. The gear icon opens the Guides panel.

Units: Defines the measurement units for the current document.

Color Mode: Lets you select RGB, CMYK or Grayscale.

Fx (Effects) Quality: Defines how accurately effects such as shadow or glow should be displayed on the canvas. With higher values, effects will be rendered more smoothly. Smaller values make the program interface more responsive when you are editing a complex document. Note that this option does not affect the quality of exported graphics.

Sheets: Opens the Sheets panel.

Grid Options

The Grid Options panel

Spacing: Sets the distance between the grid lines horizontally and vertically.

Subdivisions: Divides each grid cell into several parts. For example, type "3" in the X edit box to split cells into three parts horizontally.

Show on Background: Defines whether the grid should be displayed in front or behind everything else on the canvas.

Grid Color: Defines the color of the grid. Notice that the Grid Color in the Preferences specifies the default color for all new documents. You can use the Grid Options panel to change the grid color in a particular document.


The Sheets panel showing the list of sheets in the document.

The Sheets panel lists sheets that are present in the current document. It also lets you manage sheets and their properties. For details, read Manage Sheets using the Sheets Panel.