How to Add New Fonts to Amadine on Your iOS and iPadOS Devices

iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 became the fifth system for providing all the creative enthusiasts with the ability to add custom fonts to the iPhone and iPad (the flagship was the system 13). All the creative minds and avid birthday card creators—be they designers, teachers, professional or amateur presenters—rejoiced in single ecstasy now that one is not limited to Apple’s system fonts.

The formats of the custom fonts, available on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, are the following:

  • TrueType Font (TTF)
  • OpenType Font (OTF)
  • TrueType Collection (TTC)

All the documents created on mobile devices can now have the font you wish them to have. What’s the catch?

Amadine app on an iPad with Text illustration

You Need Special Software

The whole variety of apps can make use of the custom fonts on iOS and iPadOS, including Amadine for iPads and iPhones. No more mess with the font replacement when sending your presentation to your iPad or messing with the leaflet title, sent to print from your iPhone.

Download of the custom fonts requires a piece of software to get it and make it accessible for the apps. This task can be managed by a range of apps. Almost all of them install fonts through their profile, but several apps do this differently, so that the fonts get placed into the list of fonts in the system settings. We’ve decided to describe both of the possible ways. We’ve chosen the easier one to master, taking no pain in searching and getting the fonts to your device—iFont, for the one working through the profile installation. And the adding to system fonts can be performed via Font Diner app.

As a bonus, some fonts include icons, which can be used for interface design and help you out with mundane work. Take a look at our dedicated materials on the Google Icons and SF Symbols installation and use on Macs and iPads. Let’s look more closely at both of them!

How to Use iFont

iFont icon

iFont allows you to install, compare and view typefaces. There are also individual glyphs and technical details about the fonts.

After having installed iFont onto your device from the App Store, you need to choose the place from which to download your font. The options are plentiful: Google Fonts,, 1001FreeFonts, Open Files, etc.

Possibilities for font download in iFont

Having downloaded the desired font, you need to go through the process of font installation:

Initial installation instructions in iFont

After that, you have the most clear, step-by-step instructions ever on how to install the font from a profile in your Settings:

Further installation instructions in iFont

Restart the app to see the font installed and the list of apps that can access it.

Fonts can be tried out if you click on the notepad icon beneath the font. There you can type a message with the font you are testing and subsequently send it as a picture to view in a third-party app. And... voila! Amadine on your iPhone or iPad can now access the installed font and use it for your new designs.

Integration of custom font in Amadine

To delete the installed fonts, you need to search for them in Settings > General > Profiles and delete the ones you have installed there:

iFont font removal instruction

How to Use Font Diner

Font Diner icon

Font Diner is an app concentrated on retro fonts for any of your craziest retro-style works. It has around 400 typefaces for the most sophisticated designers. 23 of them are totally free for personal use, the other collections cost 4.99 USD per year. The app provides direct compatibility with iOS and iPadOS and offers a basic set of free fonts and a variety of paid sets. Let’s see how to use it to install Amadine compatible fonts.

First, you agree to use the font set for personal use only. You are informed that these fonts will be available for use by other apps—exactly what we need! After agreeing to the installation, you will be informed of its success and warned that fonts will only be available from the apps that support Custom Fonts. Voila! The fonts are already available from Amadine.

To delete the installed fonts, find them in Settings > General > Fonts and delete the ones you don’t need:

Font Diner font removal instruction
The illustration for this article was created by Max Lazor.
Revised in January 2024

Are you ready to boost your creative fire with the custom fonts?

Use one of the apps described in the article and apply the fonts in Amadine for iPad and iPhone.