Drawing the Cow Abduction Art from Scratch

In this video tutorial you will learn how to create a complex graphics of cow abduction used on Amadine website.
As you can see, the art consists of multiple objects, and, perhaps the most complicated part is to achieve correct depth and color transitions. To better comprehend the design process, we recommend you download the sample document with the final result of the art.

The timing is important. Here’s a short list of the most important elements being shown in the video:

  • Document settings, creation of the background — from the beginning to 2.23 min.
  • Drawing Earth, Flying Saucer and its beam, and stars from 2.24 to 4.51.
  • Drawing trees, the Moon and the clouds in the sky from 4.52 to 6.41.
  • The central element, the cow takes the time from 6.42 to 7.35.
  • Applying texture and depth effects to graphic elements from 7.36 to the end of the video, including the paper effect on the background of the illustration.