Top Vector Graphic Apps for iPad or iPhone in 2024

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Vector graphics have already become a household word for anyone who is just a bit familiar with amateur and professional drawing. In its essence, this type of image depiction uses mathematical formulas and objects for representing artwork. With the help of advanced applications, realizing vector graphics benefits is as simple as ABC.

The analyzed format differentiates with its infinite resolution, lightweightness, extraordinary multipurposeness, and scalability. Whether you are going to implement vector graphics into your web design or marketing campaign materials, the results can become truly magnificent.

To simplify the challenge, the ability to work on the go is highly appreciated. That’s why more software providers develop solutions that are compatible with iPad and/or iPhone platforms. Here is a list of top champions in this class. Onwards!

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When it comes to creating vector graphics designs, the must-have skill for every enthusiast is to get access to qualitative applications, and Amadine is definitely a worthy nominee. Developed with the best high-end traditions in mind, this program will conquer you with essential functionality and a well-thought-out interface.

Within one solution, customers are enabled to succeed with illustrations, print projects like brochures and posters, web design elements, including icons, mockups, web banners, and more. Precision-driven tools will come in handy for creating variable vector lines and adding a lot of brightness and juiciness to them.

At the same time, the software under consideration will serve excellently for divergent lettering and typography purposes, letting you make complicated designs from scratch without difficulty thanks to informative tutorials and how-to articles. Advanced features are being added with almost every update—Recolor panel, Path Width tool, Fusion tool and Flowing text boxes are building up its professional toolkit.

Amadine for iPad and iPhone illustration


  • One-time payment or affordable subscription at your choice, fully functional free version.
  • Intuitive UI, promoting smooth learning curve.
  • Full pack of premium features that are as versatile and flexible as in the original macOS app.


  • Works on iPadOS/iOS 13 and higher.
  • The free version will not let you export your work, although allowing you to use all of the features and save the file in the Amadine format.
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Adobe Illustrator

Unlike the previous solution, this program is a long-term pioneer in the market. Thanks to its advanced functionality, it is one of the very first recommendations for vector graphics masters. Although it will work for individual projects, small businesses, mid-size companies, and enterprises, you have to be prepared for its steep learning curve.

When you solve the latter challenge, you will be able to enjoy the tool’s marvelous scalability, in-panel editing, and a rich collection of supporting features for import and export. Besides, it will allow you to work with raster images as well, even though the functionality will be a bit limited (Photoshop will come in handy for this aim better).

On the one hand, Adobe Illustrator is a rather demanding program. Although it is compatible with different platforms, your gadget may be simply lower in capacity for this program to download and install. Besides, the pricing policy is a little ambiguous—with different packages, the service provider includes a separate price scale for particular user locations.

Adobe Illustrator for iPad illustration


  • Unique advanced functionality that is present in the Adobe package only.
  • Access to hundreds of templates and supporting materials like videos and images of a decent quality is guaranteed.
  • Integration with other Adobe products is at your disposal.


  • The user interface isn’t intuitive, and the same relates to the program’s learning curve.
  • Your platform has to possess a lot of storage space in order for this software to function properly and flawlessly.
  • Subscription.
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Affinity Designer

That is another application that is perfect in its multipurposeness. Affinity Designer will change the workflow for experts and professional masters for sure. With its help, it is not a problem to create mockups and colorful illustrations for your projects. The learning curve is a rather demanding task. But if you are patient enough, design creatives will be your friends forever and ever after.

One of the greatest benefits Affinity Designer offers is its accuracy in performance. Tools react to the slightest manipulations at the users’ end, and advanced grids along with wonderful zooming features allow working on the tiniest details for gorgeous results. The customer support is reactive and proactive.

Affinity Designer for iPad illustration


  • Unique functions for flawless vector graphics designer workflow.
  • Superior color management and advanced tools for asset management and memory system support.
  • Different modes of work for greater and more visually attractive designs.


  • The lack of ability to design multiple strokes on a few objects and elements at a time.
  • Editing small vector errors is a daunting task.
  • Export functions are limited.
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Linearity Curve

Previously known as Vectornator, Linearity Curve is a re-designed, re-shaped and re-thought product, which is now positioned as a go-to tool for the marketers and animators out there. The obvious drawback—not all functionality is free, as previously. The Pro subscription introduced in Q4 2023 provides additional features and advanced templates, while the Organization plan is still being thought out. All you need to do to join the Free plan is to download the application at the App Store.

Positioned as “design suite that does it all” Linearity has now two products: Linearity Curve for vector graphics and Linearity Move for animation. The learning curve is clear, especially with the templates for every design need. In addition, the service provider offers access to the full online documentation and video tutorials to make beginners professional vector graphics designers as fast as possible.

Vectornator for iPad and iPhone illustration


  • Excellent versatility and efficiency.
  • User-friendly interface that comes along with a simple learning curve.


  • Subscription plan with the comparatively high pricing.
  • Not all the features work as advertised.
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Vector graphics are easy in realization, which saves a lot of time for creators to fulfill their everyday duties. However, strengthening your brand depends on how efficient the chosen tool for vector graphics drawing experience is. On the one hand, Graphic is far from the simplest program to master. On the other hand, this product will impress enthusiasts with its flexibility, especially on the iPad Pro and with the Apple Pencil.

The system is appealing thanks to its functions for working with multiple layers and extensive export abilities. On the contrary, there are some features that are better implemented in the Adobe products and alternative software.

Graphic for iPad and iPhone illustration


  • The collection of brushes for vector graphics designs is excellent.
  • It can boast of its dense sharing abilities.
  • It is a one-time subscription at a fair price.


  • The function of making custom plugins is reduced and somewhat complicated.
  • The learning curve is steep.
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If iPads are your favorite gadgets to create gorgeous vector artwork, it won’t be a mistake to pick up an application that suits those parameters and system requirements perfectly. Inkpad is an intuitive and convenient tool to customize objects from simplest forms to sophisticated looks. The suite of brushes, masks, and additional patterns will only simplify your performance.

The ability to add as many layers as you need is bombing. In such a way, your creativity is boosted up—feel free to organize your layout elements to get the perfect composition. Speed and accuracy of drawing are guaranteed.

Inkpad for iPad illustration


  • Versatile and customizable typography effects.
  • Compatibility with the Apple Pencil.


  • Minor performance drawbacks.
  • It requires at least the iPadOS 13.4 version.
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Without a doubt, CorelDraw is one of the most exquisite choices in the market. Though it has its own strengths and weaknesses, it will come in handy for any vector graphic designer. Multipage view, perspective drawing, Live Sketch tool—the list of benefits includes many unique features. Among them, there is also an opportunity to share multiple assets simultaneously in the desired formats.

The interface is pretty convenient, and the developers make everything possible to comfort your entering the vector graphics market as smoothly as possible. Apart from customer support communication channels, the Corel Discovery Center is a worthy source of information.

CorelDraw for iPad illustration


  • The intuitive interface is accompanied by easy-in-operation features.
  • Desktop publishing is complemented by tools for working with multi page files.


  • External collaboration is a bit complicated, including cloud-sharing opportunities.
  • The iOS version does not have the sleek interface.
  • Expensiveness: the application for the iPad is free, but it requires the Corel Suite to be installed on a computer with obligatory annual subscription.


Vector graphics keep on conquering more markets and industries with their marvelous designs. Super eye-catching images with bright colors will become a powerful contribution to your brand’s identification and help it stand out among other competitors. The only thing remaining is to consider which application (or a pair of them) is worth your effort and resources.

Adobe Illustrator is known for its efficiency and wonderful tools for vector graphics. If you are looking for a smooth learning curve and a professional combination of features, Amadine is always there. Anyway, each of the highlighted programs will let you shine and rock.

Revised in January 2024

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