Workspace and Program Interface

Keyboard Shortcuts

The app on iPad can work with a keyboard. This enables you to use keyboard shortcuts. To bring up the menu with shortcuts, long-press the Cmd key.


Import File (Cmd-Opt-I) Import a graphic file to the current document.
Export (Cmd-Opt-E) Export the current document to a graphic file.
Preferences (Cmd-Shift-P) Bring up the program preferences dialog.
Print (Cmd-P) Bring up the standard Print dialog.


Undo (Cmd-Z) Reverse the last operation you performed.
Redo (Cmd-Shift-Z) Reverse the last Undo operation.
Cut (Cmd-X) Cut a selected object to the Clipboard.
Copy (Cmd-C) Copy a selected object to the Clipboard.
Paste (Cmd-V) Paste the contents of the Clipboard into the document.
Duplicate (Cmd-D) Duplicate a selected object.
Delete (Delete) Delete a selected object.
Copy Style (Cmd-Opt-C) Copy the style of a selected object.
Paste Style (Cmd-Opt-V) Apply the style, copied to the Clipboard, to a selected object.
Reset to Default Style (Shift-D) Apply the default style to the selected object.
Lock Object (Cmd-L) Lock a selected object.
Unlock All Objects (Cmd-Opt-L) Unlock all objects in the document.
New Layer (Cmd-Shift-N) Create a new layer.
Duplicate Active Layer (Cmd-Shift-D) Create a copy of the active layer.
Select All (Cmd-A) Select all objects on all sheets except for locked objects.
Select All on Active Sheet (Cmd-Opt-A) Select all objects on the active sheet except for locked objects.
Deselect All (Cmd-Shift-A) Deselect all objects.


Group (Cmd-G) Group selected objects.
Ungroup (Cmd-Shift-G) Ungroup a selected group.
Transform Again (Cmd-J) Apply the same transformation that was set up and applied using the Transform dialog the last time.
Bring to Front (Cmd-Shift-]) Place a selected object in front of other objects.
Bring Forward (Cmd-]) Move a selected object by one object forward within the object stacking order.
Send to Back (Cmd-Shift-[) Place a selected object behind other objects.
Send Backward (Cmd-[) Move a selected object by one object backward within the object stacking order.
Union (Cmd-Ctrl-U) Combine selected objects using the Union operation.
Intersect (Cmd-Ctrl-T) Combine selected objects using the Intersect operation.
Subtract (Cmd-Ctrl-S) Combine selected objects using the Subtract operation.
Exclude (Cmd-Ctrl-X) Combine selected objects using the Exclude operation.
Divide (Cmd-Ctrl-V) Divide selected objects into parts.


Text Properties (Cmd-T) Bring up the text properties panel.
Bold (Cmd-B) Make selected text bold.
Italic (Cmd-I) Turn selected text into italic.
Underline (Cmd-U) Underline selected text.


Move (V) Activate the Move tool.
Selection (A) Activate the Selection tool.
Lasso (L) Activate the Lasso tool.
Pen (P) Activate the Pen tool.
Draw (D) Activate the Draw tool.
Path Width (W) Activate the Path Width tool.
Gradient (G) Activate the Gradient tool.
Text (T) Activate the Text tool.
Knife (K) Activate the Knife tool.
Scissors (C) Activate the Scissors tool.
Eraser (E) Activate the Eraser tool.
Eyedropper (I) Activate the Eyedropper tool.
Zoom (Z) Activate the Zoom tool.
Free Transform (Q) Activate the Free Transform tool.
Rectangle (R) Activate the Rectangle tool.
Rounded Rectangle (Shift-R) Activate the Rounded Rectangle tool.
Ellipse (O) Activate the Ellipse tool.
Polygon (Shift-O) Activate the Polygon tool.
Star (Shift-S) Activate the Star tool.
Line (/) Activate the Line tool.
Elliptic Arc (F) Activate the Elliptic Arc tool.
Sheets (S) Activate the Sheets tool.
Decrease Width/Diameter ([) Decrease the diameter of the Pen, Draw and Erase tools.
Increase Width/Diameter (]) Increase the diameter of the Pen, Draw and Erase tools.
Switch to Move tool (Cmd) Temporarily switch most of the tools to the Move tool. Switch the Draw or Pen tool to the Selection tool.


Zoom In (Cmd-+) Zoom in the current view.
Zoom Out (Cmd-"-") Zoom out the current view.
Fit Sheet in Window (Cmd-0) Zoom the current sheet to fit the window.
Fit All in Window (Cmd-Opt-0) Fit the whole document into the window.
Zoom to Actual Size (Cmd-1) Display the document at 100% scale.
Outline Preview (Cmd-Y) Activate the Outline Preview mode.
Pixel Preview (Cmd-Opt-Y) Activate the Pixel Preview mode.
Pixel Preview Retina (Cmd-Opt-Shift-Y) Activate the Retina Pixel Preview mode.
Show/Hide Grid (Cmd-') Show the grid.
Snap to Grid (Cmd-Shift-') Snap to the grid when you are moving or resizing an object.
Snap to Pixel (Cmd-Opt-') Snap to the pixel grid when you are moving or resizing an object.
Smart Guides (Cmd-/) Show smart guides when you are moving or resizing an object.
Show/Hide Guides (Cmd-;) Hide or show guides.
Hand Tool (Space) Activate the Hand tool which lets you scroll the canvas by dragging it.