Seven Best Free Vector Design Resources

If you are starting on the professional designer path or looking for ready graphics resources to ease your day-to-day work, this article will be of huge help as we have all the resources one might need in one place. Graphic designers may occasionally struggle finding inspiration and this material was created in an attempt to help them out. Below we considered seven resources where you can find not only images, but also fully editable source files. In its turn, this gives designers a wide range of possibilities for modification and assets for their personal and commercial projects. And if you're interested in the Artificial Intelligence trends, you can also make use of some of the AI graphic design tools out there.

Different free vector online resources on a Mac.


Freepik is a huge and very popular image bank website. Its collection includes an extensive catalog of free resources such as vector illustrations, mockups, photos, icons, and presentation templates. Files can be downloaded as fully editable vector SVG, EPS, AI, PSD or raster PNG, JPG files, non-editable in vector drawing apps like Amadine.

As a free user, you can use the content for personal and commercial purposes, but you must attribute the author. To better understand what attribution means, you will have to read more about the Freepik license on their website. The content is distributed according to the freemium model, which means that the user has access to part of the collection for free, but it is also possible to choose a plan and purchase a paid subscription to access the premium class of resources. Free use also imposes restrictions on the number of downloaded assets, for example, a registered free user can download up to ten images per day, while a premium user can download a whole hundred.

Freepik free vector online resource on a Mac.


DrawKit doesn’t currently have a very large image catalog, but the entire available selection is divided into categories and looks very modern and exquisite. This site is developing rapidly and constantly updated with new image packs. There are vector images, icons, 3d illustrations, and lots of other resources. You can subscribe with your email and receive a new free pack of illustrations every week. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

The site features free and premium vectors, author attribution is currently optional, but strongly encouraged. Files can be downloaded as fully editable SVG and Figma files, or non-editable PNG. DrawKit grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable royalty-free, worldwide license to download, copy, modify, and use icons and illustrations for your purposes.

DrawKit free vector online resource on a Mac.


Pablo Stanley's Humaaans is a fantastic free collection of vectorial color-block people in a simple design that is ideal for modern design. There are various ways to work with the Humaaans. First, using the online tool Blush, you can quickly and easily swap out their hairstyles, colors, clothes, postures, and backdrop scenery directly from your browser. There are both free and premium collections available.

Second, the Humaaans collection can also be downloaded to your computer. Although the library was created with InVision Studio, you may easily import it into any vector drawing software you are using. No attribution is required for personal and commercial use of the library. There is also a plugin for Sketch and Figma available.

Humaaans free vector online resource on a Mac.


A vast online market featuring both free and paid vectors, stock images, and 4K films is called Vecteezy. It functions as a global community of designers and artists. The numerous categories used to group vector illustrations include Backgrounds, Flowers, Banners, People, Patterns, Landscapes, etc.

Many formats, including SVG, EPS, AI, PDF, and PNG, are available for free download and are suitable for both personal and, in most cases, commercial uses. Free clients must expressly mention Vecteezy in their work. By subscribing, you gain exclusive access to the content, unrestricted downloads, and no accreditation is necessary.

Vecteezy free vector online resource on a Mac.


A massive media search engine called Pixabay offers a ton of free images, drawings, vector graphics, videos, music, and sound effects. Pixabay is a free stock photo website at the moment. There are no paid subscriptions or exclusive content for premium customers. It’s interesting to note that Pixabay also compiles photographs from other free websites, expanding their library.

Pixabay empowers creators with copyright-free vector images, stock photos, music, and videos under the Pixabay License. You can use downloaded content for personal and commercial use without attribution.

Pixabay free vector online resource on a Mac.


Katerina Limpitsouni founded the free, open-source unDraw illustration library in 2017. This fantastic library quickly and unexpectedly gained popularity among designers and content producers as well as some well-known businesses.

You can alter the illustration's color directly on the page or download the SVG file and edit it in any design program of your choice, including Amadine. You can download for free any pictures, materials, or vectors published on unDraw. You are not required to give credit to the author or unDraw if you use them for either non-commercial or commercial purposes. You obviously cannot sell or re-distribute them, though.

unDraw free vector online resource on a Mac.

Figma Community

Figma is a robust desktop and online collaborative design tool. Since it is a vector graphics design tool as well, all created designs are reproducible and scalable. Why do we mention Figma in our article? Due to the large Figma Community, where all registered users can contribute their works. It could be widgets, plugins, or design templates.

Numerous free editable and non-editable vector graphics, icons, design templates, etc. are available here. Additionally, Figma comes with built-in plugins that are relatively easy to utilize. They assist you in directly adding icons, images, and graphics to Figma, saving you time and effort. Here are just a few examples: Blush, Storyset, Illustration Kit, Illustrations, but you can find a lot more in the Community.

Figma community on a Mac.


All the resources above are rapidly developing, adding new features and use options. Any vector graphics you download there can be added to the Amadine app and used as a part of your designs. And if your search for free images is still insatiable after this material, you can make use of even more free stock image sites. A lifesaving warning is that before using each of the resources, you need to familiarize yourself with the license for the use of the exact product. Sometimes it is not enough to read the general license agreement, as you may be obligated to read it for each individual illustration. The main points to pay attention to in this case are:

  • Commercial use
  • Use in physical products
  • Use in digital products
  • Attribution
  • Redistribution

We wish you great success in the graphic design field and positive experience with the resources we’ve gathered for you.

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Revised in January 2024

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