How to Make Vector Art in Amadine

If you’re someone who loves designing or creating digital illustrations, then you know that making high-quality vector art can really take your skills to the next level. And with the prevalence of digital art around us, vector art seems to be everywhere, so it’s a skill that is useful. But sometimes, working with vector graphics can be seen as a daunting task, especially for those who don’t consider themselves “professional” artists. The good news is that with practice, anyone can learn to create amazing vector illustrations. One of the best ways to start is by using easy-to-navigate software, like the Amadine app. Here, we will present some tips to help you get started creating digital art in vector file format. We’ll also give you five step-by-step examples so you can follow along and learn how to create vector art of your own.

Vector art created in the Amadine app.

Invest Time in Practice

The key to making great vector art is to practice. Like any new software program, or any skill for that matter, it takes practice to know the ins and outs. Creating with a vector program is unlike raster drawing programs, since vector art uses lines and curves along a path, instead of pixels. It takes practice to learn this new way of drawing if you’ve only used raster drawing apps before.

There is a lot of truth to the widely-known “10,000 hours rule”, which says that it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to truly master a skill and become great. While we wouldn’t suggest such an extreme time commitment is mandatory, if you want to be fluent in vector art, you will have to commit to spending some time doing it. (We have helpful tutorials below to kick off your practice.)

Graphic designer investing time in practice.

Experiment Often

For artists, experimenting should be a regular part of the creative process. Don’t be afraid to try something unusual and make mistakes, since mistakes foster learning. Try drawing shapes or structures you don’t normally draw, and attempt designs that are outside of your expertise. Try not to spoil the composition, but add a pinch of “you” in every work.

Vector illustrations can be striking when you use bold, contrasting color, so color schemes are a good place to experiment. Through experimenting, you’ll find techniques that you like better than others, and you’ll find your own shortcuts that work for what you want to create. Experiments are a natural way to shape your personal style and your professional portfolio, as well as to keep up your inspiration level.

Try Different Tools and Techniques

Much of experimenting is trying out tools and drawing techniques. Use a variety of drawing apps, both vector and raster apps, to become familiar with their differences. By working with both types of apps, you’ll know which you prefer working in. Try out everything available in the market so you have a good overview of the types of tools available to professional designers. Most apps offer a month-long trial for free or at a very low cost, and it’s worth taking advantage of to learn which apps you want to invest in. Amadine app also strives to be accessible to a wider audience, so both Mac and iPad/iPhone versions have unlimited time free trial, which will help you understand the app’s features with zero haste.

Rules for Artists

There are some rules one doesn’t want to break, like color combination rules, rules of composition, and of typography. But on the other hand, there are times when your artistic vision should not be constrained by rules. Professional artists, through experience, gain an intuition about when it’s appropriate to break the rules. Practice long enough to become highly skilled at your art, and you will learn to sense where and when not to stick to conventional art rules.

Illustration demonstrating one of the compositional rules.

Five Step-By-Step Vector Art Examples

These step-by-step tutorials will help you get started learning your way around vector art creation, using the Amadine app. Once you learn these techniques, you’ll know enough to be able to expand your creative abilities on your own.

How to Draw a Dog in Amadine

Even as a beginner, you can start drawing vector animal figures. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to draw a dog graphic. You can start with a sketch or a photo for a reference. Follow along with this video to see how simple the process is.

Final result of the Dog illustration created in the Amadine app.

How to Draw a Rose in Amadine

This tutorial on creating a rose is an excellent one to start with when learning to work with vector art. You’ll begin by creating a document in Amadine, and use the pen tool to draw contours. You’ll then add color and work with adding gradients. These are tools you’ll likely want to use anytime you create vector art, so this guide will help you begin learning to use them.

Final result of the Rose illustration created in the Amadine app.

How to Draw the Cow Abduction Art From Scratch

If you’ve worked with some basic vector shapes, you might want to try a bit more complex project, like the cow abduction art. This piece has several layers, and you’ll be using the Pen tool and Ellipse tool, among others. After you create the drawings that make up the piece in layers, you’ll then add texture and depth effects for a really cool overall look. You may be surprised, but art of this kind is truly within your reach when you learn these techniques.

Final result of the Cow Abduction illustration created in the Amadine app.

How to Draw a Letter or Number in Amadine in Minimalist Style

If you’re feeling inspired to get creative with text, here’s a tutorial showing you how to design a letter or a number in a minimalist style. The tutorial makes it easy to get familiar with converting text to a shape and using masking layers, as well as adding decorative elements to create a unique letter or number design. Once you learn this technique, you can use it to make all kinds of artistic text creations, from logos to signage or personal brand graphics.

Final result of the Minimalist Number illustration created in the Amadine app.

How to Draw an Abstract Letter in Amadine

Creating an abstract style design can be a fun experiment to try in Amadine. This tutorial will help you do that by creating shapes that combine into a recognizable letter. These 12 steps will help you explore a wider variety of tools in Amadine, and show you how to add shadows and patterns to the shapes you create.

Final result of the Abstract Letter illustration created in the Amadine app.

How to Make a Logo in Amadine

Logo creation is always a must-have skill for a graphic designer. That’s why Amadine tutorials have a great example of a clean and imaginative logo creation using all the required techniques and Amadine tools. The eight-step tutorial will guide you on the logo with negative space effect creation and refinement. And voila! You can now add logo creation to your skillset.

Final result of the logo creation in the Amadine app.

How to Draw a Portrait of a Ginger Girl With a Cat

The tutorial on drawing a portrait of a ginger girl with a cat was on the top of users’ requests and we clearly get why—it is one of the most romantic and warm illustrations. The detailed 32-step tutorial will provide all the needed information on the textures, blending modes, drawing tools and everything you need to do in the Amadine app to achieve the beautiful result.

Final result of the ginger girl with a cat illustration created in the Amadine app.

Through these tutorials, we hope you see that making vector art is quite accessible, even for a novice. Using the Amadine app is a simple way to begin working with this highly popular graphics form. With practice and time, you can become a creator of incredible vector designs on your own.

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Revised in January 2024

Learn to create vector art with one of the above tutorials in the Amadine app for Mac, iPad and iPhone.