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Amadine Help

Version 1.6.2 for Mac


Brief Description


Updating the Program

Removing the Program

Technical Support

Useful Web Resources

End User License Agreement

BeLight Software Privacy Statement

Workspace and Program Interface


The Main Window

The Tools Panel

The Control Panel

Managing Windows and Panels

Program Settings


Keyboard Shortcuts

Working with Documents

Creating Documents

Opening Documents

Saving Documents

Document Settings


Layout Basics


The Grid

Layout Guides

Selecting and Arranging Objects

Select Objects

Delete or Hide an Object

Move, Resize and Rotate Objects

The Geometry Panel

Align and Distribute Objects

Lock an Object

Group and Expand Objects

Align Objects to the Pixel Grid

Working with Layers

Introduction to Layers and Objects

The Layers Panel

Creating and Deleting Layers

Arranging Layers and Objects

Blending Layers


Vector Graphics

Path and its Features

Draw a Path with the Pen Tool

Create a Path with the Draw Tool

Draw a Path with the Pencil Tool

Draw a Path with the Brush Tool

Edit a Path

Simplify a Path

Draw Lines and Shapes



The Appearance Panel

Color, Gradient and Image Fill

Introduction to Colors

The Usage of the RGB and CMYK Color Models

Fill an Object with a Color, Gradient or Image

The Color Panel

Selecting Colors


Image Fill

The Recolor Panel

Working with Text

Introduction to Text Objects

Text in Rectangular Boundary

Distortable Text

Text Along a Path

Text Inside a Shape

Properties of Text

Creating Columns with Flowing Text

Creating Effects

The Shadow Effect

The Glow Effect

The Blur Effect

Changing Object's Shape

Introduction to the Object Shape Transformation

The Transform Panel

Transforming Objects

Rounding Corners

The Free Transform Tool

Combining Objects

Compound Path

Using a Clipping Mask

Cut an Object with the Knife Tool

Cut a Path with the Scissors Tool

Erase a Part of an Object

The Fusion Tool


Introduction to Importing

Importing Graphics

Exporting and Printing

Exporting Documents

The Export Dialog


The Library

Introduction to the Library

The Object Library Panel

Exporting and Importing Libraries

Using Image Stocks